Call for Experiments City of Tomorrow

Success of the operation! Continued in 2022! "Paris2Connect, join us" aims to allow you to experiment innovative solutions based on the processing of digital and video data collected or on the private 4G / 5G network deployed on a limited perimeter of the Parisian public space.

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« Paris2Connect, join us ! »

"Paris2Connect, join us" aims to allow you to experiment innovative solutions based on the processing of digital data and videos collected or on the private 4G / 5G network deployed on a limited perimeter of the Parisian public space.

After the success of the primary phase of the operation, The Paris2Connect Call for Experimentations has been reconducted on 2022. The submitted projects will be assessed every 2 months on 2022 !

You have developed solutions and you want to test them? Come and experiment them thanks to Paris2Connect in the following areas: urban planning, accessibility, commerce, tourism, mobility (low-carbon, active, collective), logistics, air quality, cleanliness, public lighting, parking, construction sites and works, citizen participation, reinforcement of the City of the ¼ hour. Give your demonstrations in the perspective of the 2024 Olympic Games and their legacy.

If you are a start-up or a company with a solution ready to be tested, then this call for experiments is for you!

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Your solution will have to contribute to one of these major challenges

Rationalization and optimization of public space

The roadway is already used by a number of urban services (bus stops, parking, garbage cans, columns, etc.) and the community does not want to clutter it further. Therefore, some experiments could allow to use Paris2Connect to enhance and optimize the existing

Pacification and securing of the public space

This experimentation can be an opportunity to test solutions consisting in analysing the public space and preventing possible incivilities or even possible dangers concerning the roadway.

Contribution to making public space more sober, more sustainable

The aim is to propose solutions that meet the challenges of the ecological and energy transition, serving the well-being of residents and, in general, making public space more sustainable.

Contributing to a more service-oriented public space

The urban space can be "augmented" thanks to digital technology in order to offer inhabitants new services.

The resources at your disposal

A private 4G network that can be upgraded to 5G

  • The infrastructure includes private network coverage in LTE and scalable 5G in 2022.
  • The LTE or 5G network is based on TDD technology on the 2600MHz frequency in B41 with 2x2 Downlink MIMO on a bandwidth of 20MHz for 4G and 40MHz for 5G.

Data likely to be made available :

Personal data, subject to subcontracting agreement within the meaning of the RGPD (*) of the city of Paris, the data controller and co-responsible for this Call for Experiments:

  • Videos from the cameras

Non-personal data, i.e. data from :

  • Flux lidar,
  • Thermal camera flow,
  • JSON metadata feed,
  • "raw "tracking list" (list of geolocated objects in real time) or "metadata

Valuation of your participation

A broad valuation

Showcasing solutions at VivaTech 2022 (June 2022) and others to come.

A network to speed you up

Connection with our network of local authorities and large groups, in relation with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

A one-stop shop

A single contact for all the technical, regulatory and administrative elements, allowing a quick implementation of the solution.

A device to accelerate your development !

Access a complete and operational system to accelerate your development!

Success and continuation of the call for experimentation on 2022!

Following the success of the operation, the Call for Experimentation will continue in 2022!
Do not hesitate to submit your project proposals, they will be studied every 2 months in order to accelerate your developments and support territorial innovations!