Call for Experiments City of Tomorrow

Success of the operation! Continued in 2022! "Paris2Connect, join us" aims to allow you to experiment innovative solutions based on the processing of digital and video data collected or on the private 4G / 5G network deployed on a limited perimeter of the Parisian public space.

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Rationalization & optimization of public space

Management of bus lane occupancy

Management of inappropriate use of public space due to parking (delivery, scooters, vehicles, bicycles, ...)

Management of obstacles on the tracks (garbage containers, waste, animals, scooters, ...)

Pacification and security of public space

Improving the pedestrian experience


Management of priorities at traffic lights (emergency vehicles, soft modes, ...)

Accessibility for disabled people


Contributing to making public space more sober, more sustainable

Smart Lighting

Cleanliness management

Reduction of noise pollution

Contributing to a more service-oriented public space

Innovative urban solutions (e.g. autonomous robot logistics)

Autonomous public transport (experimentation in progress by the RATP) 

Information and participation services for users of public space